COVID19: How it really have spread over the world

This morning, CNN reported that there’s a new conspiracy theory claiming that the pandemic started in the United States. I checked if there’s something to find on the regular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. No claims are found. I presume that CNN retrieved the claim from what I call the dark social media such as Parler and Telegram.

In every country were there is COVID19 and the British, Brazilian and the South African variant, there’s no pandemic but an outbreak turned epidemic in each of every struck country. When you put them all together, then you can speak about pandemic. In other words: there are no 195 (= total numbers of countries in the world) pandemics. There’s only 1 pandemic.

I strongly believe that the conspiracy utter is based on three issues:

  1. the participation of a US military team in a horse sports event in Hubei in November 2019 that was contradictionally suspected of having brought a virus into China and having brought the virus into the US..
  2. the first reported case (early January 2020) of a business woman who returned from Wuhan, China and got ill a week after her return and thought it was the flu. (the case of a Seattle man was after her but wrongly reported as the first case) She died two weeks later.
  3. the outbreak on the cruise ship Princess Diamond off the coast of Japan on February 4, 2020 and the handling of the outbreak.

Yes, I started following COVID19 long before it became named COVID19. Because, in November 2019 there was an outbreak in China but those of a bubonic plague, not anything that is related to the period prior to the naming SARS-CoV-2 on February 11, 2020.

In response to the absurd utter claim here’s my research on the distribution of the coronavirus from the early period of the pandemic:

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Why Are There So Many Severe Storms This Year?

I have great interest in our environment. And, that also includes climate and weather. Both cannot be separated from one other as the condition of the weather depends on the condition of the climate which in return depends on us. Yes, I believe that the modern-day’s condition of the climate depends on what we’re doing in and with our environment.

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