How Israelis stoke “hate” against themselves

How the “promised land” doctrine turns to a nuclearized doctrine

Before answering this question, one must realize that the answer belong to an Israeli policy of Zionism.

Zionism in sense of the so-called “promised land” that has been literally interpret as written while no one, not even they, do not know in what context “promised land” at that time really was meant.

The way the Israelis pursuing their goal has all the hallmarks of literally interpreted pursuing while refusing to ask themselves could “promised land” have had a much different meaning than that what has been claimed at least since the invention of Zionism by Theodor Herzl.

It is rarely mentioned that the Americans didn’t understand the meaning of Ben Gurion’s words:

Ben Gurion was aware that the use of militarized nuclear science could guarantee and protect the creation of a “promised land” but in a way today’s Israelis are bringing in practice since 1967.

The series of Israeli assassinations of anyone who (also) works in the field of militarized nuclear science – those of the Israelis is strategic while those of Iran is (still) not completed as tactical- should be viewed in the context of chronology of the past, not in the context of JCPOA as that is historically entirely misleading and western politics of beneficialism. The US, Canada and Britain are running away from their own responsibility in the invention of militarizing nuclear science, and while the Israelis have no single right to say anything. First they are NOT signatory to the JCPOA and they were the first in the the Middle East .

It is the Israelis who created the nuclear threat by violating the Atoms For Peace Agreement; intensifying the potential of a threat that comes with the militarization of nuclear science by stealing nuclear material from, and withholding the Americans the reality of Dimona, while having signed the agreement a decade before Iran joined this agreement.

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