How Israelis stoke “hate” against themselves

The Israelis have made the introduction and all later developments as part of their “promised land” obsession while God may have meant much, much different.

And now there’s growing anger in the world. That means there were people have a broader perception, were people have a nuance in thinking, were people chose for what they stand for and not what they should stand for.. They reject and they oppose …. the Israelis quickly will judge as anti-Semitic, anti-Israel while failing to realize that they deprive others from their right to certain freedoms such as those of speech and expression.

However, this is not only an attack on freedoms in other countries. It is also fueling something in Europe that is NOT anti- Jews or anti-Semitism but clear anti-Zionism or clear anti-Israelis.

I remember when Netanyahu, on January 11, 2015, attended a march against Islamic terrorism after series of attacks in Paris, including those on Bataclan and on a restaurant nearby. During his inappropriate attendance, Nethanyahu called on the Jewish people in France by saying ” Jewish people should go home. Israeli is your home,. Israel is safe”.

First, that what he calls “Israel” was never and will never be safe because of …. :

  1. the nuclear plant Soreq that is build with the help and finance from the United States in the middle of a populated area. Soreq is no longer guaranteed to be safe as it is more than 40 years old. There has never been a independent inspection, which the Israelis never would allow.
  2. the nuclear weapons production plant, Dimona is also aging as it dates from the same period when Soreq was build. The reactor inside Dimona has hairline cracks but the Israelis deny .
  3. The Israeli covert occupation, in fact the gradual programmed annexation of the West Bank, is a combat-related performed activity. It contains all hallmarks of serial violation against the International Humanitarian Law. The ongoing situation invites the occupied people to access themselves to the right to defend what belongs to them. This defense often targets those on the other side of any part of erected occupation border.

Then, that what Netanyahu calls “home for the Jewish” is indeed home but only to those Jews who’ve been born, stayed and lived there, at a time before the British colonization of what was then British Mandatory Palestine. The majority of the Jews, which are more than tenfold of those living “there” as Israelis, have chosen to build up a new life on the other side of the Atlantic making them European diaspora Jews. They are not those the Israelis claim “diaspora Jews” as that is hasbara which deflect your attention away from the roots of these diaspora Jews, namely Europe.

To end this story in a conclusive way: it is ridiculous to claim that whatever is against the Israeli, is anti-Semitic. Again, Israelis were never Semitic people. Their ancestors were European Jews who converted themselves to Zionism that only de-recognizes all rights to the real Semitic people in order to press the realization of something the Zionists never understood: the meaning of “promised land”

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