Why I never read Israeli reports like this one.

Take some note before you start reading: I’m not engaged in anything that is related to the Israelis and the Palestinians for the reason that topics concerning them should/must be about the chronology of history. Everything I write about them is from the perspective of chronology, not politics. Here are two images, the first is the cover, and the second is the content list page from a report  you can read further below.
In 2015, this 170 pages long report was released about the 2014 Gaza War. I normally never read anything that comes from the Israelis because I’m familiar with hasbara is. That is not an ugly word. It’s Hebrew and means literally ‘explanation’ Now we have a problem. Because what is the definition of ‘explanation’. I personally view ‘explanation’ as a set of views one may have  …. in this case, and seen from the Israeli perspective …. about what is a concern to them. You need some sort of a tool to make your concerns clear, to convince others and finally to take care that it becomes authority.  That is exactly what hasbara is in reality is all about. Hasbara only focuses on dissemination of positive information abroad about themselves and what they do (against the Palestinians). The report is written in hasbara as the doctrine (which in fact really is) deflects the reader’s attention from causes the Israelis have created. So it is about the 2014 Gaza War: I have a view that goes like this: Everything that have happened or is still happening between the Israelis and the Palestinians, cannot be treated as isolated incidents.  For instance: When the Israelis in June 2014 blew up a house of a Palestinian, suspected of being behind the missing settlers, while the destruction affected his whole family, rockets from Gaza flew over the border.  The Israelis don’t tell you that. They only tell you “Hamas fired rockets”. Now, that is hasbara in practice. And so the world is learned that the Gaza War began by rockets that were fired from Gaza.
What is still amazing me is that no one seems to be aware that the 2014 Gaza War had a political run-up that have led to  … let me say … the preface of the war: protests in the West Bank over an issue and the missing of three settlers as result of that issue. That issue is this: In 2012, the US managed to revive peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The talks took more than a year to reach an agreement that included the release of Palestinian prisoners of war* in four batches. *) The Israelis are still in a never lifted stage of war since 1967, and are therefore obliged to apply themselves to the International Humanitarian Law.   Three batches of POW’s were released in 2013. The fourth would be in April 2014. It didn’t happen as Netanyahu all of a sudden choose to decide not to release the fourth and last batch.  Why? Well, not because of conditions that weren’t in the agreement. I personally believe it has to do with this macabre and complete un-Western issue: they collect dead bodies of Palestinians they have killed, put the bodies in unmarked graves, to stockpile for bargain.  When, in May 2014 the Palestinians still didn’t see prisoners coming out from prisons inside Israeli territory, which is a war violation, a massive protest in the West Bank broke out. It is this fact that clearly shows Netanyahu have jeopardized the peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians
But, there was something, I couldn’t find out, that have led to the missing of three settlers who later were found dead. Whatever it is, it should be considered as …. let me say, having let the unknown to happen but by Netanyahu. However, Netanyahu was already accusing Hamas for the missing of the three settlers while not having carried out any investigation. And, when he in June 2014 became informed that the settlers were found dead, Netanyahu said “Hamas must pay”.
Now, the cover of the Israeli report bluntly reads “Israel didn’t want war, and the disaster it averted”. Let me remind the authors of that report that in 2012, Netanyahu said to CNN “Hamas must be destroyed”. That is already expressing the desire of using a destruction method, which  actually war is. Then the second part of the title that complete lie: Israeli helicopters dropped leaflets over Central Gaza that reads the people should leave the area. Hours later, Israeli self propelled guns at the border opened fire forcing to people to flee north to Gaza City that was already under heavy bombardment. The Israelis were creating a disaster. And,  if you read that report, you only read about issues over and against Hamas while these issues have nothing to do with how the war really began. All compiled references in that report deflects the reader from the real cause. Netanyahu’s jeopardizing of the peace talks is the roots of the 2014 Gaza War, not rockets that were fired from Gaza in response to the a so-called operation that had all the hallmarks of that what the Nazis did in my country:  razzia.!

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