Were the Muslim dress code has its roots

The burqa is threatening to massively return in the streets of Kabul since the Taliban completed their conquest of the whole country of Afghanistan. But, the burqa isn’t only in Afghan streets. In the Middle East it seems that burqa’s are only available in one color: black.

Muslim women’s dress code

However, in other Muslim countries, women appear to wear a different type of covering: a hijab and niqab or a less Islamic recognizable head scarf, because in the 1950s and 1960s it was a fashion accessory of Western women.

In France, Muslim women claim that the niqab, hijab, burqa are part of their “identity” while other Muslim women claim that it is part of their religion. Well, is it really part of their religion or does it come from elsewhere?

False interpretation of Islamophobia during the burqa ban protest in Paris

In Islam, which is known as found in 670 AD, Moses is Musa and is Ibrahim the Islamic personality of Abraham by the Jews. The mosque is the Islamic place of worship that comes from temples at the time when Palestine was a Roman province. The earliest mosque is not found somewhere else in the Middle East but in Tiberias, Palestine.

The discovery of the earliest mosque rose my eyebrows and prompted me to ask ‘Is Palestine the real roots of Islam?’

Well, there’s a story about Mohammed when he traveled with his uncle, who was a salesman, to what is today’s Palestine. Mohammed kept a journal to write everything down about what he had seen and experienced during the travels with his uncle. One of the experiences appears to be this:

Mohammed saw women fully covered and wanted to know why the women where dressed that way. Centuries later, various artists have painted this story.

Painting by Thomas Couture

So, he asked his uncle who came with an answer that is a version from the Old Testimony.

According to the Old Testimony, there was an orgy were men and women where scarcely dressed. God saw these people. He called Moses to him and told that women should dress properly.

But, “dress properly” comes from my study about what has been exactly told to these women by Moses. Because there are various versions about what could have been said to Moses (Musa to Muslims).

The mosque has its roots in this story:

In the Roman province of Palestine, Mohammed saw people entering a building and wanted to know what these people were doing in that building. His uncle told the boy that the building was a temple were they prey.

Then, there’s another story about Mohammed but referring to his fourth and last war. Mohammed died in that war after being killed by soldiers of a caliph who ruled a territory that is now Iraq and Iran. He became aware that Mohammed’s legacy would vanish. So he send couriers into his new seized land to find people who were with Mohammed or knew anything about Mohammed. The couriers were ordered to record witness accounts and to deliver to the caliph.

Related to the story is an episode about the caliph’s knowledge that one of Mohammed’s women was in the possession of four pages from Mohammed’s travel journey. A soldier was send to the woman to ask for lending of these pages with the promise that they will be returned.

When the caliph became in the possession of the four pages he ordered his counselors to write a manuscript based on the four pages and must include his views on ruling and punishment. This militant manuscript, because it is a writing that tells how people have to obey, is the roots of many versions of what is known as the Koran.


If a Western woman want to visit Iran, she must cover her head. If a Western woman wants to visit Saudi Arabia she must at least fully cover her arms and her legs.

But, when Muslim women choose to live in a country were culture and tradition are not based on any religionized writing, refuse to adapt themselves to that what is native to the country that host, it is politicization when claiming that the dress code is part of their “identity, culture and religion”.

Dress code is the militant interpretation by all those since the caliph ordered the writing of an Old Testimonial episode into a ruling.

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