Really change or something that leads to change?

#IPCCreport was released yesterday and issues a ‘code red’ for the whole planet.
What peope don’t know is that the report is not meant for the public. It is meant for policy makers. That is exactly the friction: ‘policy’ …. ‘politics’. If we link these two words we end up to ‘politicians’ and ‘governments’.

Too many governments, politicians either do little or nothing as #emission and #climate is (also) financial-economical issue. Industries have to invest to reduce emission. That cost money the industries better want to keep it. So, they prefer to serve the costs on governements’ diner plates. Governments fear that big companies would leave their country if governments refuse to pay the brunt.

Every 5 years, the UN organizes the so-called #COP-summit to see what results have been reached and which country have not (fully) comply to the COP-agreement. The next, upcoming COP is #COP27in the #unitedkingdom. Thus, 26 COP-summits held, and 26 years long with no single visual and effective progress. If there was, we would have been in the current global situation.

The #UnitedNations body posted this video in its #climatechange campaign.

However, the video is filled with events which are NOT causes of #ClimateChange but the roots of something most people never have heard about:

The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) is the zonally integrated component of surface and deep currents in the Atlantic Ocean. It is characterized by a northward flow of warm, salty water in the upper layers of the Atlantic, and a southward flow of colder, deep waters that are part of the thermohaline circulation. These “limbs” are linked by regions of overturning in the Nordic and Labrador Seas and the Southern Ocean.

The AMOC is an important component of the Earth’s climate system, and is a result of both atmospheric and thermohaline drivers.

However, the AMOC system is in unstable condition caused by melting on Greenland’s western, southeastern and southern coastlines. Melting ice turns into cold seawater.

Cold water is heavier than warm water. If there’s more cold water pushed southwards deep in the Atlantic, that water pushes up more warm water into the North Atlantic region.


If the jetstream above the North American continent blows hot air eastwards, that air will collide with the warm air produced by the warm water that is pushed up and pushed northwards of the Atlantic. The result? Just look at the map above.

The wildfires in #Europe are claimed as a human cause of climate change. No, they are not.

First, no one is aware nor realize that “climate change” is a term you suppose to use to find or to conclude that climate is changing or climate has changed. We’re not there yet as climate is on its way TO change. So, we still all cannot say “climate has changed”.

In reality it is about our experience while living under condition of the effects of meteorological alteration in the thermo environment, causing high temperatures which then leads to drought. If drought goes on for weeks or months then you have the risk of these fires.

So, wildfires are not caused by climate change. They are either an effect by ‘nature’ (dry weather lightning) or by direct human interference (arson). They only produce smoke, we should have seen as a source of emission, leading to air poluttion, which then affects the state of the thermo environment leading to warming elsewhere on the planet.

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