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     Welcome !!     Please, take note that "Created" means here the day the photos where taken, not the day of publishing.     Enjoy !

It has been for 20 years that I photograph with a digital camera. Because, I was already photographing the analog way during the 1980s.

So, this website is just a way to celebrate but doesn't show you all 42,133  photos. Just a selection that also includes photos no one would publish for whatever reason. Why I do?

I didn't study photography. I just learned myself with the help of knowledge I have about artistic drawing, paint art, graphic design, architecture and humanities (= study about relation between arts and society).

In other words: you can only display the way you have evaluate in photographing when you also add "wrong photos".

To end, "created date" means the day when the photo was taken.

Enjoy viewing my photos!