Farms Story: The Farms

A large piece of land divided in four sections. On each section is a farm. But they all belong to one single family.

The first farm is the biggest and is located at the top of the hillside. Steve has has two cows, a chicken run and four gooses. His farmland is behind the farm. He lives with his wife and a dog.

The second farm is ours but we do not have animals because we’re most of the time living in the outskirts of a city an hour away from the the farms. The land is cultivated by one of the three other family members.

The third farm is not in use because Rambo runs a workshop in a village some twenty minutes away from the family’s land..

The fourth farm is more down the hillside and adjacent to a ravine that is some 300 meters deep. So,you have to be careful when the farmland is turned into a high maize field if you want to walk through this field.

All photos were taken beween September and November 2019


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